Our sleep lab is licensed under the Independent Health Facilities Act of Ontario. More information can be found at

MDAC offers consultation and sleep lab services to patients over the age of 16.

What you can request from MDAC: You can request the following with a sleep referral

  • a diagnostic sleep study, with a consultation and treatment sleep study as appropriate
  • a diagnostic sleep studies alone
  • a consultation alone

Consultations and followup will be provided by telemedicine where appropriate.

What type of clients MDAC will see

MDAC offers consultation and sleep lab services to adults and teenagers with all disorders of sleep.

We specialize in the assessment and treatment of:

  • snoring and sleep disordered breathing
  • obstructive sleep apnea syndrome including upper airway resistance syndrome
  • central sleep apnea syndromes
  • obesity hypoventilation syndrome.
  • other disorders associated with drowsiness including narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnolence
  • insomnia, particularly psychophysiologic/conditioned insomnia and circadian/shift work disorders
  • nocturnal movement disorders including restless limb syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder
  • abnormal behaviour during sleep including REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder and Sleepwalking Parasomnia

To refer a client for services at MDAC:

A physician only, can refer a patient for sleep studies by sending a signed referral form.
A nurse practitioner may only refer a patient for a consultation with a sleep physician.

Include your specific questions; what you have tried to date for the problem; relevant test results; and a summary of past problems / consultations. Note that psychologic, psychiatric, and chronic pain issues have a tremendous impact on sleep and giving us the details can save us and your patient a lot of time.

The more information you provide allows us to assign an appropriate priority for your patient and in particular to arrange urgent appointments when they are indicated.

Life threatening and urgent problems

For clearly urgent problems physicians should call MDAC at (807)683-4415. When in doubt, phone.

Examples of urgent case scenarios:

  • suspected sleep apnea in pregnancy
  • suspected sleep apnea with unstable/new onset angina/ new onset CHF/ recent MI/ TIA/ recent stroke
  • very severe drowsiness, especially in a critical job such as a pilot/ truck driver/ railroad engineer
  • sleep related violence
  • adult onset or recent onset sleepwalking especially with dangerous behaviours
  • severe insomnia causing suicidal ideation or recent onset severe insomnia

MDAC offers all of our diagnostic and consultation services under Ontario Health. You must present a valid Ontario Health Card or pay current rates to receive services.

MDAC offers all of our services for third party requests that are not covered by Ontario Health. Please contact our offices directly to discuss services and fees.